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Positive vibes and healthy wishes

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I really would like so positive energy and healthy vibes sent our for my sista janet ❤ my sister in law has become my best friend , she is my sista we both have the initials jp so we call ourselves jp² , and took it further where our maiden names are both d so we really are jdp²

The last few years have been so hard, she suffers tremendous pain. Has had 2 knee replacements and the second knee has not healed right somethings not right and put health care here is a joke. She has problems with basically all her joints. Her back her neck. Her hips.

It breaks my heart watching my sista be in this pain and everyday I send our positive energy her way to try to help her through her days. She is a tough cookie. She doesn't stop. Shes an amazing mom and wife. She pushes herself and does more then the average person without pain.
She is missing her family from Newfoundland hwr sister in law just passed after a struggle with cancer and she can not be with them. Shes just down amd really deserves a break. 2020 really pushed her down. Shes always been there to give me advice and pick me up and I need to be there for her every way I can
i have started painting with intentions. I've never done it before but it gives me a feeling of peace before painting
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