Thank you so much for your interest in Watercolor Wednesday it is a FREE Weekly Live video Class. It airs at 6 -pm Central Standard Time. Check you time from the world clock here -   - The class can be viewed During the Live stream from facebook here -   - Or replayed at the best time for you to watch from here -

- or here -   -.

Any level of student is welcome. No drawing skill required. Any age of student from anywhere in the world is welcome. I recommend Materials but you can use what you have.


140 lb watercolor paper - 9x12

Pan or tube watercolors. I will share exact colors during the class but you can use what you have and i will talk about it.

I may also use pencils for sketching

A traceable can be found here

Or here

This weeks class will use Rock salt as a special technique

A good Round brush for watercolor

Paper towels or a paint towel

I will explain every step and technique

The camera will show all techniques and steps.

All you have to do is follow along.

Traceables are posted here in the event and on the website

All levels of painter are welcome especially first time painters!!! This class is free all you need to do is show up ready to paint. This will be viewable after the Live stream.

In real time NO PRE- recorded videos, and individual feedback from questions You ask in the Live - PS yes we still have acrylic classes too No worries.

I will be using 140 lb Watercolor paper Cold press and the The Art Sherpa French Escape Watercolor Kit

9x12 or 8 x10 paper for demo but print traceable to fit any size you are using

Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint

-Lemon Yellow (501)

-French Vermilion (675)

-Alizarin Crimson (689)

-Carmine (635)

-Dioxazine Purple (917)

-Ultramarine Deep (315)

-Phthalocyanine Blue (326)

-Forest Green (899)

-Phthalo Green Light (805)

-Burnt Sienna (211)

-Payne's Grey (703)

-Warm Sepia (440)

( YOU CAN USE ANY WATERCOLOR YOU HAVE) yes even crayola. If you need them we do have art materials in the store.

You can view this LIVE stream for free. You can paint along for FREE.Traceables here :

Past live streams are here

The only links you should use are these as there are some fake ones that come up. AT no point will the classes cost any money. No subscription or off site viewing. This is always Free and on Facebook or my free website