• The Art Sherpa

    ❤❤❤ THE ART SHERPA Acrylic Painting Video Library ❤❤❤

    Enjoy Free Video acrylic painting tutorials for beginners fully guided step by step. 

    These are easy fun paintings YOU CAN PAINT  

    Browse the massive library of painting classes or enjoy a curated themed collection of Art classes that go together 

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  • Special Play Lists

    The Big Art Quest is a LIVE weekly course covering the concepts and tools needed for the creation of art. It is a flexible personal journey that the quester may customize to fit their needs. The goal of the Quest is to develop fully self aware artists. This will be both a internal and material world journey.

    CC and ASL American Sign Language Painting Parties
    These are beginner full acrylic painting tutorials that have in picture American Sign language Translation OR Close Captioning . Complete Sign Language Painting Parties with a true spirit of Inclusion. Our Translator Marion Libby has put a lot of heart into creating a true sign translation. We Hope to keep adding CC or Sign language Translated tutorials and videos to the playlist!

    Tips and Tricks For New Artists
    Video's that help new and returning artists feel informed about Paint, studio set up, and finished techniques

  • Beginner Series

     Art Sherpa For Kids
    The collection of art lessons that is great to do with Little Brushes. I will be uploaded new kid friendly painting and art lessons every month


    EASY 1 Hoot
    Easy Beginner painting video's. Perfect for relaxing and the first time painter. These are full step by steps teaching how to paint with acrylic paintings. Easy acrylic painting ideas.

    Intermediate 2 Hoot
    Perfect for the new painter with a few art skills under their belt. The perfect balance of a little more challenging and fun. Fully guided by the Art Sherpa you will be ready to take on splatter, water, and dry brushing. This is Intermediate Beginner

    Advanced 3 Hoot Beginner Acrylic Tutorials Art Sherpa
    Three Hoot Painting for the beginning artist that is ready to grow their skills. Not suitable for first time painters but perfect for confident beginners.

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