Free Family Friendly Watercolor Of  Nala the Narwhal   step by step
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Today I will show you how to use Watercolors to create Nala The Narwhal Kids and Family friendly live Art stream.

Traceable and coloring page here

You can use any watercolors you have

La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor, Set of 12 Half Pans

140 lb paper Fabriano

I chose basic colors that will work with any set you have

This series of videos will let you use any art supplies you have on hand. Perfect if you have to stay home and can't go shopping.



IMG_7159 2.jpg

Coloring page narwhal .jpg

10/10/20 11:44:11PM @carlamae:
I really enjoyed painting the Gnome blowing bubbles. I love his whimsical, colorful look, just perfect for painting on my birthday! Thank you, I'm planning my next painting already!
Bubble Blowing Gnome.JPG