Free Family Friendly Watercolor class Of Prickly Love step by step
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Today I will show you how to use Watercolors to Prickly Love a heart shaped Cactus Kids and Family friendly live Art stream.


You can use any watercolors you have

La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor, Set of 12 Half Pans

140 lb paper Fabriano

I chose basic colors that will work with any set you have

This series of videos will let you use any art supplies you have on hand. Perfect if you have to stay home and can't go shopping.

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10/09/20 12:15:23PM @carlamae:
I'm very happy to have found this site and enjoyed painting this image. I'm looking forward to more! I enjoy the contrast between the detailed flower and the loose muted colors of the cactus. I have hard time find the videos on my computer but they do show up on my cell phone!
Prickly Love.JPG
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06/04/20 10:03:34PM @dianelynn:
This is my first attempt at painting with watercolor. I enjoyed this one.
Tammy Jill
04/04/20 04:56:41AM @tammy-jill:
Just discovered your site and tutorials! Love them!! Suggestion when doing watercolours: use watercolour pencil to draw shapes. No need to erase as they blend into painting 😉
03/30/20 12:26:04PM @ileneparkman:
(I am NOT an artistic person, but I am learning every time I paint something. normally don’t do water colors but I thought I would try it. this was fun today.
Thank you #theartsherpa

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