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Winners List for Giveaways

user image 2021-09-14
By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Giveaway
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In an effort to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to claim prizes and giveaways on The Art Sherpa Tutorials, we are creating this list, which we will keep updated.  Once the list has been provided to the community on either the Blog or via email to our community list, winners will have 10 days  to claim their prize.

Prints and physical giveaways that must be mailed are mailed at no cost to the winner if the winner lives in the contiguous United States.  If you are an international winner, you will be given an option to pay the difference or forfeit the prize.  We will honor those tutorials where we said we would ship up to and including a $35 postage fee, but after those prizes are claimed or rewarded to other persons, we will no longer make that offer. This only because shipping costs have skyrocketed. 

If you see your name on this list, and you wish to claim your prize, you MUST create a help ticket be sending an email to and with the subject line of "I WON A PRIZE".  Your email must include your name, complete mailing address, zip code, and your email if you want to be provided with a tracking number when it is mailed.

You have one week, 7 days, to claim your prize after this notice is provided to the community or on the blog.

(Insert other notices here via tables and this will move down but not be erased)

rize Tutorial YT FB
Patron Print Mountain Lion Karen B. Istre
Art Sherpa Pins Blossoms By The Bay Hydrangeas Jackie Botala
Art Sherpa Pins Fall Daisy Anne Tolson Jennifer Hunter
Month of Patronage Calming Beauty - Sky Grass DeeDee Colleen DeWall
Month of Patronage Celestial Waltz - Northern Lights Annie Oakley Kristy Elizabeth Pool
Month of Patronage Lean On Me - Happy Couple Christine Sivewright
Patron Print Lean On Me - Happy Couple Missy Tami
Month of Patronage Red Fox Watercolor Jeanni Wilson Jaye L. Purvis
Month of Patronage Rainbow Keyhole Into The Forever Forest - Misty Autumn Fall Forest Path Ileana Kreus Alice McBride
Month of Patronage Landscape Abstract Watercolor Leona No Hashtag Comments
Month of Patronage Her Moment - Lady in White Dress Anessa Harris Karen Hoopengardner Acklin
Month of Patronage Berry Creek - Sunset Stream Landscape Kim Zook Rasha Shehade
Month of Patronage Smoke on The Water, Fire In The Sky - Sunset Misty Landscape Sheila Harvey No Hashtag Comments
Grumpy Owl Print Collaboration Bird-A-Thon September Annette Keys
Month of Patronage Raindrops on Fall Leaf Watercolor Animal Antics Pruett Facebook Shut Down For Day
Patron Print  Niki Martin

Here's a list of all the prizes we have awarded so far:

Prizes Winners
Art Sherpa Pins Jenna Alford Walter, Debra Tribell, Tammy Pickett, Jade Kwong, Rebecca Smith Hoffman, Jill Evans, Jennie Determan, Heidi Roy and Sharon O'Brien.
BAQ Prints Rebecca Hobbs Clowers, Mae Kelly, and Donna Mobley.
Month of Patronage Jennifer Caudle, Bella Mirza, Lilly Cleveland
Tutorial Prints Cornelia Gerarda Dam
Collaborative Bird Hop August Prints Raheel Shaw, Rebecca Clowers, Kelly Davis
Collaborative Bird Hop September Prints Debbie Luscombe, Christie Jackson, Heather Campbell, Elaine Moore, Shellie Estes

Date of Notice Prize Tutorial Name Media Source Winner Name Claimed 
9-12 Print Mr. Rogers Red Cardinal YT Raheel Shaw Y
Print George Goldfinch YT Rebecca Hobbs Clowers Y
Print Birds of a Feather Hummingbird YT Kelly Davis Y
Art Sherpa Pins Blossoms By The Bay Hydrangeas YouTube ($35) Jackie Botala
Print Cleansing The Soul YouTube ($35) CorrieCGD Y
Art Sherpa Pins Watercolor Castle Facebook ($35) Heidi Roy Y
Print BAQ Pugkins & Spice YouTube ($35) Mae Supernatural Investigator of Minnesota Y
Print BAQ Pugkins & Spice YouTube ($35) Rebecca Hobbs Clowers Y
Print BAQ PUGKINS & Spice Facebook ($35) Donna Faye Coley Mobley Y
Art Sherpa Pins Autumn Candle YouTube Sharon O'Brien Y
Art Sherpa Pins Autumn Candle Facebook ($35) Crystal Blake
Art Sherpa Pins No Brainer Scarecrow YouTube Jenna Alford Walter Y
Art Sherpa Pins Autumn Trees YouTube Deb b Y
Art Sherpa Pins Autumn Trees Facebook Tammy Perkins Guffey Pickett Y
Art Sherpa Pins Village Cliff Watercolor YouTube  Jade Kwong Y
Art Sherpa Pins Village Cliff Watercolor Facebook Rebecca Smith Hoffman Y
Art Sherpa Pins Watercolor Castle YouTube West Pest Y
Art Sherpa Pins Cleansing The Soul YouTube Rebecca Hobbs Clowers Y

Art Sherpa Pins Fall Daisy YT Anne Tolson
Art Sherpa Pins Fall Daisy FB Jennifer Hunter
Month Patronage Mountain Lion YT Jennifer Caudle Y
Month Patronage Mountain Lion FB Lilly Cleveland
Print Mountain Lion Patron Karen B. Istre
Month Patronage Grounded - Golden Birch Trees YT Bella Mirza
Art Sherpa Pins Grounded FB Jennie Determan

Print Angry Bird Hop YT  Christie Jackson  Y


Angry Bird Hop FB Debbie Luscombe Y
Print Grumpy Owl YT Annette Keys
Print Grumpy Owl FB Heather Campbell  Y
Print BJ and the Bath YT Shellie Belle  Y
Print BJ and the Bath FB  Elaine MOORE Y
Month Patronage Celestial Waltz YT Annie Oakley
Month Patronage Celestial Waltz FB Kristy Elizabeth Pool
Month Patronage Lean On Me YT Christina Sivewright
Month Patronage Lean On Me FB Missy Tami
Month Patronage Calming Beauty YT DEE DEE
Month Patronage Calming Beauty FB Colleen DeWall