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Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday

Wednesday September 2 2020, 7:00 PM
@ The Art Sherpa Fan Page, Facebook
Attendees:  @Colleen.Marie56@txlauri@ladyinred@granny-d@@@GretchenKramer@KScott@Katlien@@artsy@@deedee.simmons@jjurado@cindyme@Martha16@AmberJasmine@karla.hyman@micki minutolo@pugmom98@@@RoopikaSethi@

Wednesday's Class is KITTY CUTE KITTY. This is a lift your spirits feel better paint with me night. Wed oct 2 7 pm est.

Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint

-Lemon Yellow (501)
-French Vermilion (675)
-Alizarin Crimson (689)
-Carmine (635)
-Dioxazine Purple (917)
-Ultramarine Deep (315)
-Phthalocyanine Blue (326)
-Forest Green (899)
-Phthalo Green Light (805)
-Burnt Sienna (211)
-Payne's Grey (703)
-Warm Sepia (440)
The colors evoke the beauty and vibrancy of Southern France
9x12 ~ 140lb cold press Watercolor paper

One Round Size #8
Free draw or No draw option use the traceable

watercolor wed kitty.jpg

kitty traceable.jpg

Marie Rohan
09/02/20 05:15:29PM @marierohan:
how does this lesson proceed?