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Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday

Wednesday October 7 2020, 7:00 PM
@ The Art Sherpa Fan Page, Facebook
Attendees:  @Colleen.Marie56@@the nanny@@cindyme@cherimccurdy@@PML03246@@lauf1182@Wannabeartist1949@

Pumpkin and Witch Watercolor Wednesday

Free Weekly Watercolor Art classes step by step with The Art Sherpa. Streams are Wednesdays 6 pm CST find lives with This Link
You can use any watercolors you have
I am using
La Petite Aquarelle Watercolor, Set of 12 Half Pans
140 lb paper Fabriano
If we have a kit we will let you know and update here  

I chose basic colors that will work with any set you have
This series of videos will let you use any art supplies you have on hand. Perfect if you have to stay home and can't go shopping.

witch traceable jpeg.jpeg