Fairy Art Mother

Free full video Learn how to paint the Fairy Art Mother. Last week I asked you guys what Disney Character I would be and the top Results were Fairy Godmother from Sleeping Beauty.

Written out instructions Step by step PDF only for patrons - here

Pure , Passionate , Precious , and Power

Any level of student is welcome. No drawing skill required. Any age of student from anywhere in the world is welcome. I recommend Materials but you can use what you have.

( YOU CAN USE ANY WATERCOLOR YOU HAVE) yes even crayola. If you need them we do have art materials in the store.

Sennelier Aquarelle Watercolor set

1 Yellow

2 French Vermylen

3 ACrimson

4 Carmine

5 Diox Purple

6 UM Blue Deep

B1 Phthalo Blue

B2 Forest Green

B3 Green light

B4 Burnt Sienna

B5 Paynes Gray

B6 Warm Sepia

9x12 or larger watercolor paper 140 lb

Chewbacca Water Bowl borrowed from the collection of Linda Cooney

Edding 1880 drawliner .2 and .7

Merry Weather Fairy Godmother

Raphael Soft Aqua

Silver Black Velvet #8

Jasper Stardust Watercolor Brush

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