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How to paint a Romantic corset  Live streaming Beginner Acrylic  painting step by step lesson for new artists Fully guided YOU CAN PAINT THIS with The Art Sherpa 🎨 👩‍🎤 Hoots : 🦉🦉🦉

How to grid 


With a large brush, freely paint your canvas with a layer of MB. 


I recommend another coat of MB.



Put in your vertical chalk lines every 2 inches then add your horizontal lines every 2 inches. and number by 2’s In each square draw what you see in the squares one square at a time. Use the contour lines to help you define the structure of your horse!!  Remember - contour lines define the outline of  form

Even if drawing is a new skill for you, gridding is a way to make complex shapes on your surface accurately and easily. “ Easily ” being a loose term for “not as hard as freehand”. Remember to be easy with yourself whenever you're learning a new skill.  What will be easy tomorrow can only become so by facing your art challenges and practicing. 

With a clean damp brush, remove grid lines. Take your chalk and define your subject lines to help them be stronger and more defined. Clean up any residue that can't be removed on the outside negative space around the stallion with more Mars Black to give it a smooth finished look. 

Corset 01.jpeg



16x20 grid Horizontal corset .jpg TAS210102.01 Corset traceable .jpeg

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01/02/21 04:05:41PM @laurinartstuff:
So sweet to do ! We were all dressed up and ready to go and then, BAM ! Power failure. I decided to go ahead with it ''without supervision''. I got into it, enjoying the process, as we say. I hope the electricity came back in the meantime. Thanks for an awesome first video of the year. Hugs !