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Nov 2 - Setting Up Your Acrylic Art Studio

How to set up a Home Painting Studio  Everything a Beginner Needs to Know. Learn what you need to have, how to set up the space, and  how to make it work with real life. I will tell you my Must do tips and my NEVER ever do it things to avoid. This is everything a beginner needs to know but nobody tells you! 

This is part 2 of Novice November the Beginner Acrylic Painting Course with The Art Sherpa. 

This course is a free complete guide on everything beginners need to know about acrylic painting for the first time. 

Chapters of video 

00:00 Intro 

01:38 The First Questions 

05:14 Sit or Stand 

12:49 Adaptive art Supplies 

16:39 shopping Tips 

24:03 Lighting 

27:09 Water Disposal 

30:47 Painting storage 

32:16 Pets and Kids 

37:04 Minimum Materials 

44:49 What next

Place to Paint

  • Locate a space in your home you can dedicate to painting. 
  • Spaces that are dedicated are easier to use 
  • If you are using online teaching resources, think about how you can best access them. Casting or viewing on a larger device is better for your eyes. You want a clear video that is not making you strain your neck 
  • Does anyone have access to your art supplies like pets or children. If so they will need to be stored or housed where you can control access to them 
  • Windows are Great 
  • Heaters and air conditioners can speed the drying of paint. So can ceiling fans. Look for hidden speed dryers 
  • Do you have a plug close by? If not, make sure that you use home safety in mind with all cords. Think about the traffic path and how it flows through a space 
  • Does your ideal place have natural light? That is always lovely but most home studios are not made of windows and many people have to paint at night. 

Ask the questions 

Do you want to paint large canvases 

Is this something you are dipping your toe into or are you sure you want to paint. 

Do you have a dedicated room for painting? 

Are you in a limited space ?


Best for a larger canvas. 

Costs more 

Standing easels need more room 

There are many options for limited space 

You will need a sturdy side table for paint and water 

A matt to prevent leg fatigue 

A stool

These are great Easels 



Table Chair 

Kitchen Table 

Dedicated art desk 

Large or small space 

Painting Flat 

Painting on an Angle 

Painting at a table Easel

I like these Table Easels  

I dont like these metal Easels

Why I use a Turn around table 

Do not paint on the Floor or in your lap 

Wheelchair accessible, Special needs and adaptive studios

 Search Adaptive art supplies 

Wheelchair easels 

Adaptive tools for mobility 

Tremors and shakes 

Easel Mahl Stick 

Table a Bridge

How to buy art Supplies 

Clearance discount pages 

Local Art stores 

Chain stores 

Weird places 

Never pay list 


Garage Sale



The light you paint under is very important and effect how you see colors. 

DON'T paint in the dark or dim light 

Natural vs artificial 

Natural is wonderful but changes all day and is difficult to control 

Artificial is controllable but safety issues should be considered

  • Changing light conditions will effect how you see the painting. Try to always paint in the same lighting conditions.

Warm vs Cool

Avoid  “cool” or “bright white” fluorescent bulbs - they have been linked to eye damage in studies

LED is generally safer and comes in warm or cool light. If your light is too warm you will tend to compensate and you may find your paints all seem a little blue 

  5000K Daylight -LED Light Bulbs, CRI 90+

CRI is Color Rendering Index: The hight the number, the more accurate the color reproduction

LED - cheeper , no heat , but need to placed strategically 

Home hardware stores have great 3 panel options and art stores have ones just for artists 

Halogen - can be ok too, but hot and inefficient 

Acrylic and wet paint can be shiny 

Light that is at a 45 degree angle to the painting can help reduce glare 

Floor covering 

Some floors are easy to clean but some need protection. You will spill paint and paint water. There may be splatter and mess. 

Water disposal 

Acrylic brushes need to be washed and Acrylic water needs to be disposed of 

Acrylic paint can be hard on plumbing 

Many methods of doing this are expensive and require time and Space 

Basically paint solids are Better to dispose of. That is dried paint. 

You will notice that in your water cup when it sits the paint solids sink to the bottom

Wipe paint our of Brushes before washing  

Drain Screen - Allow your water to settle after painting pour half to ⅔ water through Drain screen gently so as not to disturb the solids 

Place Extra large Coffee Filter in mouth of Jar solids will collect in filters. Allow filters to Dry before throwing out . 

Cat litter method is popular 

Crash Solids kit  By Golden paint  

Storage of paintings 

Hang art 

Don't let paintings touch facing  each other 

Heat is bad 

Moisture is bad for art 


Pets and Kids 

Cats and Dog love to chew brushes, Drink paint water  and walk though paint 

Cats are attracted to natural hair brushes.

Dogs love to chew taklon 

Keep tools away from pets

Small amount of paint water should be ok 

Anything significant take to the very 

Baby wipes and rubbing alcohol to clean up wet or dry paint   

Kids love to paint they are curious - childproof your art supplies and make time and space for them to be creative with you  

Share a picture of Art art Studios with us 

  • Who is it for ?

    • Acrylic Painters of All Ages and Levels
    • Homeschool Moms
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to paint in acrylic.
    • Anyone who wants to learn more about painting acrylic basics.

  • How much does it cost?

    • The classes and downloadable Resources are free. The materials are purchased by the student for the class

  • How do I sign up?

material list in Video beginner acrylic course .jpg


Buyers tip. I am using the Primary Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint - there are other primary sets out their and many painting companies will give you the courtesy of having at least 3 paints they call primaries in their paint line - You can use differently then myself but it will mean there are slight differences in our color mixes. So dont miss the color mixing class!! I have been painting online for a while I know what to do about these challenges. 

download-2.jpg I am using the Primary Set of Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint
download1.jpg images1.jpg download.jpg images.jpg


  • Primary Red
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Blue
  • Mars Black
  • Titanium White



angle brush measurment .jpg fan brush Size .jpg round brush .jpg bright measurments .jpg

Materials & Tools:

  • 10 9” x 12” Surfaces for Painting (I will use canvas)
  • Heavy Paper for Printing Worksheets (We may have printed packs for sale.)
    • You can do them digitally.
  • T- Square Ruler
  • Chalk or Dritz Chalk Tool
  • Pencil - HB is fine
  • Cup for paint water
  • Disposable Palette for paint
  • Scratch paper or art journal for practice


  • Fan Brush
  • Round Brush
  • Angle Brush ½”
  • 1” Bright Brush