• New Years Resolutions for Painters

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    1. Make Your Painting Space More Comfortable ~~

    Whether you paint at a standing easel, a desk top easel, or your kitchen table there are things you can do to make your painting experience more comfortable. From special 'appliances', a chair with back support, making sure your easel is the correct height for you to paint comfortably, to a mat under your feet by easel. I put a nice mat near my easel to stand on and it has helped a lot.


    2. Make Your Painting Space Prettier 

    Do what you can to make your space prettier. What ever makes you feel happy and joyous when you are in your space. even small changes. From hanging some of your art, to finding and or decorating pretty jars to keep your brushes in. Put some pretty flowers or candles in your space. Keep it as organized and as clutter free as you can. It is a proven fact that people work better in an organized and pretty space. 

    3. Learn A New Painting Technique 

    Sometimes it's good to stretch or Challenge those art skills. Consider taking on some new methods my taking classes or Workshops. 

    Tamera Laporte does a yearly Artist workshop called Lifebook. It 52 weeks, 30 teachers , 80 classes on a journey to self discovery! Find out more here. http://bit.ly/TASLifebook2020


    4. Visit a Local Art Gallery and Attend An Art Retreat

    Visit an art gallery in your area. Take a friend who loves art too. Art galleries can be an awesome and fun way to spend a day see what is out there. 

    Attend an Art Retreat. You can find online retreats, but try and attend a live retreat. One in your area, or budget to go on an art vacation. An retreat can rejuvenate your spirit and you can learn a lot. Like the Art Sherpa Retreat in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Where The Art Sherpa will take you on location to paint in some of her favorite mediums. We will be doing acrylic, watercolor and pastel.  The Art Sherpa Retreat 2020 

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    5. Stop criticizing Your Own Painting. 

    Be kind to yourself. Only speak to yourself the way you would your Mom, or your sister, or your best friend. No matter where you are in your painting journey, make it a habit and daily practice to appreciate the skills you have and your ability to do your craft to best of your skills at that time. Even the "Masters" were beginners at one time, and even they didn't always paint 'masterpieces". Remember, we only ever saw their 'best' works. All art is worthy, even if you just learned something new.

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    6. Make Friends With Others Who Love To Paint.

    Family and friends have the best of intentions sometimes. But may not share your passion. Or not see your vision. It is important to have those in your life you share your love and joy in painting. Those who 'truly get it." That will support, encourage and share your love of your craft. Join some painting groups. Like The Art Sherpa Official. Check your area for others that paint. Start a social circle of others and make dates to get together and paint. 


    7. Stop Listening To What Others Think Of Your Painting. Learn not to depend on the affirmation of others of how worthy your painting or your art skills are. 

    It is human nature to want affirmation that we are "truly artists", and want others to appreciate our works of art. But not everyone sees the same things that you do nor will they see the painting with the same eyes that you do, or appreciate where you are in your journey. So learn to know that where you are at in your journey is where you are at and that is OKAY. Remember, everyone is an artist until they try to be one. 

    8. Start A Painting (Art Supplies) Piggy Bank 

    Nothing is more frustrating than running out of a color you need, or not having the right brush is it? Start a piggy bank. budgeting for small amounts to go in as regularly as you can. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your art. Then when you need a color, a new brush, some canvas, you have an "account" to draw from to get what you need and there is no stress about ruining your budget. 

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    9. Paint More. And then paint more. 

    Paint Paint Paint. Try and set up a time for daily painting. Set a goal for how many days you want to paint in a row, and then do what you can to make sure you try and keep that goal. Start small, like I will paint every day for a week. Then expand the times. Even if you are just using some canvas paper and practicing some different techniques you want to master. Join the Acrylic April group and do the Acrylic April challenge. Challenge yourself to complete the challenge and do as many days as you can. Make a commitment to yourself to set aside time, even if only 20 minutes a day. The challenge can be done in any month, not just April, and can be started any day, the goal is just to paint for 30 day.  

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    10. Artistically Give Back To Those In Need. 

    it is important for artists to give back to their communities. Giving back is a good way for us to strengthen our bonds in our communities and help us to feel good! Go visit seniors in a Senior care facility. Paint some pics and take to them. Paint The Sherpa's fireman painting and donate it to your local fire station. Make some ornaments and take them to your local hospital for staff and patients. Staff can hand them out to patients who don't get visitors. And make a donation to those in need like St. Jude's' Children's hospital.  It is one of my favorite personal charities. Families with sick children are never charged for care and services. https://www.stjude.org/donate/pm.html?sc_dcm=257225510&sc_cid=kwp75728&source_code=IIQ190721002

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