ATC should be a custom made piece of art

    1.) The dimensions must be 2.5 by 3.5 inches(64 mm × 89 mm) (MUST fit in standard baseball card sleeves)

    2.) Use heavy weight multimedia paper, cardstock, standard size playing card, or slightly harder paper (some use rice/cereal boxes)

    3.) On the back of the card please include MONTH and YEAR and THE USER NAME you use on theartsherpa.com . The screen name you chose can be found by going to  account settings under your photo or on your homepage under your photo, at the  theartsherpa.com.   *you can also include your state/providence or country.*

    ALL MEMBERS MUST BE 18+ or signed up under a parent/guardian.

    PATRON MEMBERS: may send in 1-3 ATC's per theme.

    Free Participation: may only send in 1 ATC p er theme. Must send LOOSE stamp.

    Everyone will receive the same number of cards they send in. (up to 3)

    NO blank or one color no design cards. This is unfair to receive.

    DO NOT LAMINATE. (Unless that is part of the art!)

     Consider how long it takes for mail to arrive in the USA and plan accordingly.

    ART must appropriate for all ages to receive unless other wise stated in the theme.

    The cards will be randomly swapped.

    How to mail your ATC:

    You can send us your ATC's in a piece of doubled up paper in an envelope (so it dose not bend easy) and put your card in, you do not need a plastic sleeve. (each ATC will be placed in a sleeve during the swap) PLEASE make sure your complete return address is clearly written/printed. PLEASE INCLUDE the swap month/Theme on the envelope.


    Swapped ATC’s will be mailed back by the end of the 3rd week of the following month via USPS (United States Postal Service.) It will announced, on the website, when they are sent out.

    *** Team Art Sherpa is not responsible for the way the postal service handles the mail .***

    ALL MAIL MUST BE POSTMARKED BY the 29th of each month.

    (if the 29th falls on a Sunday or U.S holiday the post mark is due the next U.S postal day)

    Please Include the swap month/Theme on the envelope.

    The Art Sherpa LLC

    (Sherpa Swap)

    P.O. Box 1841 

    Midland, MI 48640

    The Art Sherpa Team can be reached at ATC@theartsherpa.com , Please Put ATC in the subject line.


    What happens to cards that arrive late?
    All cards (up to 3 for paid/patron members & 1 card for free participants) will be swapped, Late cards will not be swapped with that months theme, but will still be swapped with cards for the extra box.
    I sent in more than 3 cards, but I only received 3 back, Why?
    If more than 3 cards are sent in, only 3 will be swapped, the others will not be returned, they will be added to over flow box.
    Paid Swappers may send in 1-3 ATC's per theme.
    Free Swappers may only send in 1 ATC per theme. Must send LOOSE stamp.
    Do I have to send in a return envelope?
     No return envelopes are needed. Free participants must send in a Loose United States Postal Stamp, with their ATC's.