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Art Problems

user image 2016-11-26
By: Janine da Froggy
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 So... My studio.

 I've packed my College space up all save for my 48x48"  canvas that I'm picking up this week coming, and have  moved everything into my teeny little spare room.

 It's not bad. I can move my work out to the dining room if  I have to work flat on large sheets of paper, but there is  the small issue of us having family coming soon.

 Don't get me wrong. I love to have visitors stay, but now I  need to be planning where to put everything.


 I think I can get by with leaning canvases against a wall in  the dining room, or maybe in my wardrobe depending on  size.

 I could do the same with my folios, maybe having them  between some of my works in progress if I don't get them  finished in time to stick on the walls (literally stick...with  picture hanging velcro -- ah renting!).

  Then the materials can get put in the trolley and on my  other work table in the dining room.


 My main concern is having somewhere to keep working  while they're here.

  Not only is it essential for me to keep working and  developing new processes through experimenting and  developing my skills in a range of media, I need this outlet  to manage my mental health condition.

 When I have attacks, art is the first thing I turn to,  because I know it restores me.

 I keep an art journal for working things out in my head in writing and art, but sometimes I just wanna get the acrylics out and throw them at a canvas.

I think we get protective of our creative space once we find it, but through talking to my counselor, I can see that I can make a space anywhere. A creative space should feel safe and comfortable. So I set about thinking where I could do this, and what do I need for each space.

I can keep my watercolours in my bedroom with some cartridge and watercolour paper, my drawing gear, inks and paint trolley can go in the dining room with my table easel, and I have a small pencil case and my s-book/art journal for going out, and emergencies. 

I have a few places in town that I can go and switch off for an hour or two, as with my condition, I find it hard to cope with a lot of change, and having a way to get some time for myself every day can help me keep some head space.

It might seem like making a mountain out of a molehill, but with my anxiety and everything else, I need a level of skills that are sometimes difficult to remember. By having a plan in place for anything anticipated, I may be able to apply it for other situations that I might need a grounding with my usual reality.

This is another reason I love this community so much. The support and caring here has helped me to be grounded, and to remember how to have fun. I hope to be part of doing the same for everyone else.

stupid worthless idiot
12/01/16 08:09:53AM @stupid-worthless-idiot:
I'll probably say it every time I see a pic of your cat, even if it's one I've seen before, but.... I love your cat!

I understand about the anxiety and other things. Change is definitely a mountain when it comes to mental health problems. Even something that someone else might consider "small." Just remember to take deep breaths when things are feeling rougher than normal.

Janine da Froggy
12/01/16 07:06:13AM @janine-da-froggy:
Here's an update. I finally have a workable space! EEEEEE!
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