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    Sherpa Art FAQ

    1.  A friend loved the painting I did from one of your designs and bought it! Is that ok?

    2. Can I sell a few of the paintings I did of your designs at a market or retail shop?

    3. I’m part of a non-profit group thinking of using one of your painting designs to share with our patients, what should I do?

    4. How can I use your designs and paintings at my business and teach people to paint?

    5. Would it be ok to make prints of the paintings I created from your lessons?



    2.  WHEN will the Silver Brushes (in sherpa packaging!!!) be available?

    3.  The Art Sherpa Brushes (in production!!!)

    4.  So, what is NAMTA?

    5.  Why are we attending NAMTA?

    6.  What about the Simply Simmons brushes?

    7. What about THE BRUSH GUYS? Will they have the Sherpa Brush Kits?


    1.  What is the Sherpamobile?

    2.  What is the Sherpamobile constructed from?

    3.  Where did the Sherpamobile come from?

    4.  Have You  traveled in an RV before?

    5.  Who is Mike "Mitch" Mitchell?

    6.  Mike Walker?

    7.  Who is Sean Corcoran?

    8.  What condition is the Sherpamobile in?

    9.  How can I contribute to the Sherpamobile’s restoration?

    10.  What is the EM-50?

    11.  Are there any companies helping with funding?

    12.  What inspired you?

    13.  What do you hope to do on your visits?

    14.  Where will Twix sit, and who's on walk duty with the pooper scooper?

    15.  How do we know where you're going?

    16.  What happens to our regular broadcast Schedule?

    17.  Do we still get our traceables?

    18.  Will we see Kevin?

    General Info

    1.  How long have you been painting?

    2.  Do you make your hats?

    3.  Who sings the opening Heart Party "theme" song?

    4.  Where can I find the art sherpa LIVE events?

    Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

    1.  What are ATC's (Artist Trading Cards)?

    2.  How do I get started with The Art Sherpa Official ATC CLUB?

    Personal Info

    1.  How Long have you been married?

    2.  How many Kids do you have?

    3.  I want to make/give you a hat, how many inches around is your head?