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Learn how to paint a Daily Art #  of 30. Easy and explained for the Beginner of Acrylic painting. Join me for these Daily  step by step painting lessons. Each day from April 1 to April 30th a new painting will be released. This is part of The Acrylic April Daily painting Challenge. Paint just 1 or Try for all 30. 

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Reference Image 


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Below are a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS. 

This list is a suggestion and is by no means an obstacle to participating in the program. As always get the materials that you can and other than that use what you have. 

PLEASE note there are many other places to buy these materials and I support you shopping and finding your best deal.  

My Paint is Sennelier Acrylique  Heavy Body paint .

You may and should use what you have

***Cadmium Yellow Medium 

***Cadmium Red medium  

***Phthalo  Green Blue shade 

***Phthalo Blue Green shade 

***Dioxazine Purple

 ***Ultramarine blue 

***Quinacridone Magenta (fuschia) 

***Titanium white

***Mars black: PBk 11

*Naples Yellow light  ( can be called Titanate Yellow)

Burnt Sienna 


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AS-4112 5 Piece “Painting and Palette Knife” Set  

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#1 Monogram Liner -  

*** 8x8 Gallery Wrap -  

OR if that is sold out or you want boards 

Economy Space saving Surfaces 8x8 -  

Dritz 3095 Chalk Cartridge Set :

T Square Ruler -  

Acrylic April is a 30-day painting program. If you would like to participate or learn more about Acrylic April visit our Q&A page HERE 


worksheet acrylic april 12.jpg


Acrylic April grid 12.jpg

 On your 8 by 8 canvas you will make a mark using your chalk tool and a t square ruler at every inch point using the guide draw lines horizontally and vertically this way. The t-square will help ensure that your lines are straight.

  1.  after your greatest place on the canvas the top row of squares 1 through 8 from left to right
  2.  the number the left row of squares number 1 through 8 from top to bottom
  3.  find the first row that the contour line of your image enters and exits. duplicate only what you see in that one single Square.
  4.  continue through the entire image Square by square transferring the contour lines of the subject with chalk on your canvas. 
  5.  when you have duplicated the subject from your reference to your canvas you will be done

How to Trace Watch this video 


Quinacridone Magenta 

Day121 1.jpg

Step by Step 

Acrylic April 2020 Step by Step  12.jpg


NEVER painted before?  Watch this video first! How to start painting with Acrylics What YOU need to know to begin


Need to Resize the Tracable ? 

Resources Rasterbator - to resize trace-abale  

Need a different Grid?  

Art Tutor -Gridding tool  


What Are the word Prompts? 

word prompt graphic .jpg

Artwork and video is the sole property of The Art Sherpa™  and intended for the students personal education and Enjoyment. For questions regarding using any Art Sherpa painting in a commercial setting for all other questions Read our full  disclosure here that covers partnerships and affiliate links  

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11/23/21 06:22:17PM @snowkat:
Enjoyed it so much. This one relaxed me as I painted it.
10/02/20 07:04:59PM @ytoro74:
I can smell the lavender
04/14/20 04:04:41PM @dianelynn:
I really enjoyed this one. I didn't add the highlights because I was afraid I'd mess it up.