How to paint watercolor | Santa Gnome and 3 wise Gnomies
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Step By Step

How to paint a Santa Gnome and 3 wise Gnomies Free Weekly+ watercolor live streams virtual art class 7 pm est. just watch from my Facebook page this free live streaming video. Bring any water colors you have. Any skill level is welcome everything will be explained step-by-step so that beginners can enjoy painting with us. Let’s relax and chill out

Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint

watercolor gnomies .jpg

-Lemon Yellow (501)

-French Vermilion (675)

-Alizarin Crimson (689)

-Carmine (635)

-Dioxazine Purple (917)

-Ultramarine Deep (315)

-Phthalocyanine Blue (326)