Mermaid Fairy Tail Watercolor

Mermaid Fairy Tail watercolor class Black paper Metallic paint Its been a while since we use our Black watercolor Paper and shimmer Watercolors so when I did this mermaid Tail you know I was excited to share

This is a Free full video where you Learn how to paint a Mermaid tale and ocean florals with Metallic watercolors on Black paper

This will be a very mysterious and mystical painting.

I will use Fabriano Black 8x8

Paul rubens glitter watercolor

( you can paint this with regular paper and watercolors too ) Example will be shown

If you have wondered if these are worth the time and money we are going to find out.

You can paint along using regular colors and white paper if you like. ALL are welcome

Any level of student is welcome. No drawing skill required. Any age of student from anywhere in the world is welcome. I recommend Materials but you can use what you have.

( YOU CAN USE ANY WATERCOLOR YOU HAVE) yes even crayola. If you need them we do have art materials in the store.

Gellyroll pen white

#8 Round watercolor brushes

Silver Black Velvet #8

Watercolor Brush

Template from   website or The Art Sherpa Official Facebook page


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