Paint BLUE  WITHOUT BLUE  Paint - Color Mixing technique
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How to paint Blue without Blue - Easy social paint night in you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home keeping it fun. This is a Painting course for Beginners who want a real acrylic painting step by step tutorial about how to paint . Everything is 100% real time, multi Camera angles and fully explained so its easy to understand. YOU CAN PAINT THIS !! All Art lessons 

My sincere Gratitude for the interest you sparked online about color for @César Córdova He has a bunch of fun stuff to watch

*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

❤️ Cadmium orange Hue

Phthalo Green Blue shade

Dioxazine Purple:

☁️ Titanium white

Mars black: 

. CANVAS 8x8

Not a fan of Amazon ? My Teacher shopping list Dick Blick

Brushes - Brushes: Please use these as a guide of what I am planning to use. These are brushes I use very often. You do not need to have the exact brand of brushes that I use.

Princeton Round Blender #12 

Ruby Satin Angle ½” :