FREE Hocus Pocus Sisterhood Watercolor Painting

Join us for a magical afternoon painting a tribute to the greatest sisters in the world ( you and yours of course ) but after that it is the Sanderson sisters. Bring the whole Family!! Sept 20th at 1pm EST. This is a watercolor class so easy that you will say to yourself ...This is all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. Learn how to paint while letting your Creativity Run Amok Amok Amok ! Do you smell Children ? No problem!! This is an all age, all level, live stream that is 100% family friendly. Don't Draw ?? No worries I will conjure you up a traceable!! Learning how to paint with watercolor can be so fun and easy you will swear its magic.

Materials :

I will be using 140 lb Watercolor paper Cold press 9x12 and the The Art Sherpa French Escape Watercolor Kit

9x12 or 8 x10 paper for demo but print traceable to fit any size you are using

Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint

-Lemon Yellow (501)

-French Vermilion (675)

-Alizarin Crimson (689)

-Carmine (635)

-Dioxazine Purple (917)

-Ultramarine Deep (315)

-Phthalocyanine Blue (326)

-Forest Green (899)

-Phthalo Green Light (805)

-Burnt Sienna (211)

-Payne's Grey (703)

-Warm Sepia (440)


Enter for a chance to win a Sennelier Travel Watercolor Palette

Give Away info here :

This will only be active during the live show on the specified date.

How to enter. You must be 18+ and a Resident of planet earth. You must be Present when the winner is announced at the Live stream on the Art Sherpa Facebook . You must answer The questions below. We will share the answer during the live show. If the winner is not present a new winner will be selected until a qualifying winner is chosen.You must provide a Valid email. No purchase is necessary. Contest is open globally void where prohibited. This is not a part of Youtube or hosted by Youtube. This is sponsored by The Art Sherpa