Acrylic April Day 26: Abstract Landscape with Palette Knife Technique | Beginner Acrylic Tutorial
Dive into the world of abstract expressionist landscapes in this step-by-step acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. Let The Art Sherpa guide you through the process of creating a dreamy, textured landscape using the palette knife technique.

Join us for Day 26 of Acrylic April 2023 – our 5th year of the first Daily Painting course designed for beginners wanting to improve their abstract painting skills with acrylics. Explore the dynamic color palette, featuring aqua, purple, gold, and yellow hues, as well as the rough, expressive palette knife work that adds physicality and emotional intensity to the piece.

️ With 100% real-time instruction, multiple camera angles, and clear explanations, you'll find it easy to understand and enjoyable to participate, regardless of your skill level.

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Difficulty Level: 3 Hoots #TheArtSherpa #AcrylicPainting #AcrylicApril2023 #Painting #Art #Abstract #AbstractArt
Chapters :
00:00 Intro
2:36 Step 1 Sketch In
4:06 Step 2 The Far Horizon
8:07 Step 3 Deep Values
10:27 Step 4 Finish Underpainting
13:16 Step 5 Knife Work
16:42 Step 6 Smaller Knife Work
22:00 Step 7 Blending WIth The Knife
23:29 Step 8 Knife Transitions
25:45 Step 9 Waterfall
30:55 Step10 Water Marks
34:39 Step11 Rock Face
37:00 Step12 Rock Highlights
40:39 Step13 Foliage
44:00 Step14 Vibrant Leaves
47:28 Step15 Vines
55:00 Sign

*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***


Cadmium Red Medium = CRM
Cadmium Yellow Medium = CYM
Phthalo Blue = PB
Phthalo Green = PG
Burnt Sienna = BS
Dioxazine Purple = DP
Mars Black = MB
Titanium White = TW
Hansa Yellow Light = HYL


½ inch Synthetic Angle by Princeton Catalyst #18 Hog Bright by Raphael D’Artigny
Large Diamond Head Palette Knife
Small Diamond Head Palette Knife
Posca Pen White 3mm #10 Synthetic Round by Raphael Textura #4 Hog Round by Raphael D’Artigny #4 Synthetic Liner by Raphael Precision

T-Square Ruler
Chalk Pencil or Watercolor Pencil
8X8 Canvas (If you notice that your canvas started to warp, as sometimes happens, just turn the canvas over and put it back side forward on your easel, then mist the back of the canvas. It usually resolves itself. Let it dry before you proceed.)
Optional: StayWet Palette
Large Diamond Palette Knife
Small Diamond Palette Knife
3mm Posca Pen - White

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