Little Brushes :  Axolotl Art Adventure!
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Hey kiddos and families! Get ready to embark on an art-tastic journey with the coolest creature of the water world - the Axolotl Amphibian! Dive into a world where art meets science, and discover the wonders of our beautiful planet.

Date & Time : Mondays 12 pm ET

What's in Store?

An hour of MAGIC as we learn real art skills that'll make you a superstar artist!

✏️ Drawing the quirky and cute Axolotl together.

Dive deep with fun facts about our Axolotl friends and learn about their amazing lives underwater.

And guess what? We've got a FREE gift just for you – a super-duper Axolotl coloring page!

Pack Your Adventure Bag With:

  • Your shiniest art tools (paper, Micador markers, or anything colorful you love).
  • A big ol' dose of curiosity.
  • Your brightest smile!

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‍‍‍ Parents & Guardians:

✨ This family-focused show is designed to nourish young minds, ensuring that every child can bloom and grow as a real artist.

✨ Missed the live show? No worries! Rewatch anytime and join the fun.

✨ Oh, and it's all FREE!

✨ Get your kiddo's FREE Axolotl coloring gift right here:

Kiddo's Art Adventure Kit

  • Watercolors: Splash in some magical colors and let's paint a rainbow!
  • Markers: For bold and vibrant strokes that'll make your artwork pop.
  • Crayons: The perfect tool to color outside the lines and let your imagination run wild.
  • Pens & Pencils: Outline, sketch, and doodle your heart out!
  • Paper: A blank canvas waiting for your masterpieces.
  • Paper Towels: For little mishaps and to dab away extra paint.
  • Cup of Water: Keep those watercolors flowing and brushes clean.

Don't forget, every great artist has their own special touch, so feel free to bring along any other favorite art tools you have!

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Parents, grandparents, siblings, pets (okay, maybe not the fish ) - gather around for a session filled with creativity, knowledge, and tons of giggles. Together, let's make memories and celebrate the wonders of our incredible natural world!

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Intriguing Facts about Axolotls:

  • Home Sweet Home : Axolotls come from a special place in Mexico called Xochimilco ( sow · chee · meel · kow)
  • . It's like a watery maze with many canals and lakes.
  • Stay Young, Stay Water-Logged : Most animals change as they grow, but axolotls stay in their water-loving baby form all their lives!
  • Magic Trick : If an axolotl loses a leg, guess what? It can grow it back! They're like superheroes of the animal kingdom.
  • One-of-a-Kind : You can only find wild axolotls in Xochimilco. That's their only natural home on the whole planet.
  • Always Happy : Axolotls look like they're always smiling. Some people call them the "Mexican Walking Fish", but they're not fish.
  • Color Wonders : Wild axolotls are mostly dark-colored. But some, because of special breeding, can be pink, gold, or even white with black eyes.
  • Feathers? Nope, Gills! : Those frilly things on their heads? They're not feathers, they're gills. Axolotls use them to breathe underwater.
  • Breathing Buddies : Axolotls have lungs, but they like breathing through their skin and gills more.
  • Yummy in the Tummy : In the wild, axolotls eat small fish, tiny water creatures, and wiggly worms. At home, they like special food pellets.
  • Need Help : Sadly, there aren't many axolotls left in the wild because their home is getting dirty and changed by people. Many people are trying to help save them.

Ancient Stories : Long ago, people of Mexico told stories about axolotls. They believed an axolotl was a god named Xolotl who turned into this creature to hide.

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