LIVE How to Draw and Paint a Snowman | Little Brushes 🌟🎨 Crayons to Canvas - Easy painting for Kids
Join us for a frosty adventure in art with "Little Brushes Paint & Play"! πŸŽ¨β„οΈ

In this fun-filled live show, we'll dive into the magical world of watercolors as we draw and paint a cheerful snowman that's sure to brighten your day. No matter what art supplies you have on hand, everyone is welcome to create their own winter wonderland masterpiece.

️ What you'll learn:

Basic drawing techniques to bring your snowman to life.
How to mix primary colors in watercolor to create a vibrant palette.
The joy of painting with a simple round brush on 140lb watercolor paper.
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Supplies you'll need:

Watercolors (red, yellow, blue)
Round brush
140lb watercolor paper
So gather your paints, grab your brushes, and let’s make this winter special with a splash of color and a dash of creativity. Don't forget to hit 'Subscribe' and 'Like' to keep up with all our Little Brushes Paint & Play sessions!

Stay tuned, set your reminders, and let's create a snowman that even Frosty would be proud of! See you there! β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ¨

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