How to Draw the White horse for  pre Watercolor paper PART 1 🌟🎨   techniques and Drawing
How to Draw the White Horse on Paper Part 1 🌟🎨 Techniques and Drawing 🌟🎨 Easy =drawing and prepping to paint tutorial for beginners.

How to Draw the White horse on paper in Acrylic PART 1 🌟🎨 Techniques and Drawing
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How to Paint White horse on Watercolor paper in Acrylic PART 2 🌟🎨 Paint the Horse Finish
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*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***
🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨
Phthalo Blue Green shade
Ultramarine blue
Burnt Sienna
☁️ Titanium white
Mars black

9x12 Fabriano Watercolor Paper
Pencils for Drawing
9x12 Fabriano 1264 mixed media paper
Tracing Paper

The sta-wet palette on show
Dritz chalk tool - Tailor's chalk tool
T Square Ruler
Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending
Saral Paper
Artist Tape

Brushes -
Please use these brushes as a guide for what I intend to use. These are brushes I use a lot. Therefore, having the exact brand of brushes I use is unnecessary. My brands are D'Artigny, Textura, Isacrylic by Isabey, Raphael brush, Simply Simmons Extra Firm, Princeton Catalyst, Velvet touch and Select - When a brush is called a Hog Brush, it uses natural Hog Bristles.
Princeton 1# Oval Mop
Princeton #12 Round Blender
Princeton #1 Detail Round for details
Assorted brushes for Acrylic
Assorted brushes for Acrylic -Brights, Filberts, Angles and Rounds

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