About Face DRAWING the face #2 This is the Believe face from the Big Art Quest #aboutface

The Tools Tracing paper is your friend not a cheat sheet. It gives you the chance to think and then re-think your drawing. To iterate with wild abandon.

Good drawing paper has weight and tooth. It comes in Hot Press and Cold Press. Pads, loose sheets and Blocks.

I am not going to be using the finest Drawing paper for this but I will be using quality. I do this so my results are predictable for the Demos.

My pencils Like paint a decent pencil can make drawing time easier. Very cheap pencils can have hard bits in them like pebbles. The leads can break a lot and they may not be a ton of fun to work with. That being said a Yellow HB pencil has been known to make some Amazing art on lined notebook paper. The art lives in you not in your art materials.

I do like Softer pencils 2b and 4b. I have a couple great erasers that I can never find when I am looking for them. Eraser fairies and Pencil goblins have been known to clean out my art room from time to time.

The Believe Face VS The Real face The Believe face is almost a highly refined Symbol of a face. The Believe Face can help you start to believe you can draw faces. It is artful and expressive. The basic face comes in the style of the artist and is under its creators total Control. Even though the Believe Face is more symbolic than factual you still need to start with some FUNdamentals in Drawing. You can make tiny adjustments as you master the placement of features to create distinctive stylistic results. Big eyes, Scrawled mouths and tiny noses no human can breath out of.

The REAL Face is totally about the observations of light and shadow. The expression of value and what the artist is seeing. This is the land of portrait artists. Where the mood is set by set by subtle and closely observed factors the artist must sift through.

The path to the Real face can totally begin with the Believe face. They do not exist as polar opposites to each other but more reflections of an artist's experience to the subject. Chances are unless you had a friend in school who was in their art journey at the Believe face stage this was never shared with you.

In art school observation tends to be valued above all else so the Believe face is rarely addressed. Yes the Believe face can be a valuable tool in a creative journey. A stepping stone to fanciful expression or the platform to reach up to traditional portraiture. On the art journey the experience and confidence a basic can offer has tremendous value and so we will look at the wide world of Expression that a Believe Face gives us

First Draw in oval with a wider top and a slightly tapered bottom. Looks a bit like an egg pointing down. Create a Vertical line that bisects the middle of your oval Now make a Horizontal line at the halfway point Across This is the place Features are Hung and Placed. Eyes Should be Set apart at least and eye width The nose is halfway to the bottom of the oval The mouth is halfway between the Nose and the bottom of the Chin

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