How to Watercolor a Belle Sherpa Girl in a yellow dress with Roses on Paper for beginners

You keep giving me ideas and I will keep turning them into watercolor process step by step lessons. I love this painting party style explanation of watercolor because I know YOU can paint this . Feel free to change up the colors and play with the splashes . Tag back to me so I can see your paintings. Let me know how its going. Having fun ? Brushes are by Silver brush limited a
5325S Atelier™ Goat Hair Quill
5225S Atelier™ Golden Taklon Quill 
5025S Atelier™ Squirrel Hair Quill 
3000S Round Black Velvet #8 round 
3009S Cats Tongue Oval Wash ¾ oval round
Affilate Disclosure
Watercolor block 140 lb :
Qor Mini watercolors: 
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