I would like to show you HOW YOU can paint with watercolor very easily. This is a Simple painting. I will show you how to get these warm rich skin tones, flowing dress and back lit natural hair. You can change up your color to customize this. Be sure and follow so you can know when we post our daily uploads and comment what you want to see in future painting . Come back tomorrow so we can paint a wolf. Art should be fun. I tested some new brushes and that was exciting but for this you can use just a #8 round and a wash. However this might be a great way for you to check out some others you could like . You can learn to paint right from your phone for free. Promise it will be fun. You can find the free traceable on the website but i do show you how to draw her. 
Brushes are by Silver brush limited 
Silver Silk 8808s 1" wash , 8800s #12 round 8831s #8 ultra round round ,88192 mop 1/4" 
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watercolor sheer was 6x9 taped down with Washi tape 
Watercolor block 140 lb :  https://amzn.to/2tE4Is6
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