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The 13 Days of Halloween Experience & Art Supply Kit

The 13 Days of Halloween Experience & Art Supply Kit
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The Art Sherpa


Shipping Starts! Thursday, September 2nd.

Paint with us in the 13 days of Halloween™ with The Art Sherpa. Our kit will get you through the 13 days of Halloween™. All the paint, brushes, enough canvas panels (+2) to paint along all 13 days, and 'extra goodies' you will need like a Sherpa cup, apron and fan to dry your canvas are included. 

Exchanges for defective merchandise. Novelty Items excluded. No refunds. 

The Kit includes: (The pic below only includes art materials,.additional holiday items will also be included. Photo to be updated soon.)

  • 6 pc Artist Loft Paint Set (basic colors,
    • Titanium White 
    • Yellow Medium Azo 
    • Quinacridone Magenta 
    • Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) 
    • Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) 
    • Carbon Black
  • 3 Sennelier Abstract colors
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Primary Red
    • Purple 
  • #8 The Art Sherpa Cats Tongue Brush
  • 15 pack 9 x 12 canvas boards (13+2 Surfaces for all 13 days!!!)
  • #12 Silverwhite Round brush
  • Set of 3 Art Sherpa Pouncers
  • The Art Sherpa Detail Brush Set
  • Art Sherpa Reusable Water Cup
  • Art Sherpa Fan 
  • Art Sherpa Apron
  • Art Sherpa tote (colors will vary)
  • 2 Paintable Project Masks
  • Art Sherpa brush soap stick 
  • Includes flat rate shipping CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES ONLY

Kit will include:


  • Christmas Videos Lessons on USB Thumb drive 
  • Christmas Laminated Print
  • Sherpa Message Card

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Grace Bickford
09/18/20 06:34:21AM @grace-bickford:
Hello Sherpa team, would love to purchase this kit!! Unfortunately don't have to funds. I know I can make due with what I have but would really like to purchase the #8 cats tongue. Been trying Michael's for 3 or more months now and not available. Can you make it available here? Or where else? Love all that you do for us!! Much appreciated!!
09/25/20 06:21:00PM @carmensimons-moore:
Jerry's ARtarma website may have it. I bought other Sherpa brushes from it.
09/18/20 07:28:26AM @neva:
Hi, I was having the same issue finding those brushes Michael's always seem to be sold out I did find them on I think it's the brush guys website really quick shipping good prices you should check them out they had them in stock last time I checked and cheaper than Michaels I think you can get a small extra discount to if you put the art sherpa in the code box. I hope I'm right on that and not telling you wrong LOL