The Art Sherpa Coloring Book

The Art Sherpa Coloring Book
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The Art Sherpa Coloring book, hand signed by The Sherpa herself, w/free watercolor pencils. It is finally here. The Art Sherpa coloring book is a collection of beautiful images you are familiar with that are some of Sherpa's most popular paintings re-done in a fun and whimsical new way, (in collaboration with Stephanie Bergeron), for you to color with crayons, colored pencils, watercolor pencils (which we have included for free, an approximately $16 value) or watercolors. What makes this book outstanding is we used heavy 80 lb cold press watercolor paper, that even with moderate to moderately heavy wetting will not bleed through. We have included some shots of a few of the pages for you to see. 

Only available in the US (you can write us at for pricing for shipping outside of the US and pay any additional cost)

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