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The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap

user image 2019-09-12
By: TheArtSherpa
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The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap


The Art Sherpa's #1 recommendation to end

“brush brutality” 

Clean Your Brushes!

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Your paint brushes are an expensive investment that you will want to know how to protect and keep for years. This might surprise you to know that the future of each brush is sealed at the sink after each painting session. That  leftover paint MUST ALL come out. The acrylic polymer emulsion and pigments get pushed into your bristles and the ferrules. When you have dried paint hiding in the ferrule, it can build up until it “blows out” the shape of your brush, causing splitting and stray hairs.  This will give you a great cloud or scumble brush, but will ruin your favorite brushes shape and edge. 

Cinnamon How Do I Clean My Brushes?

This is a great question

soap 4.jpg

The Art Sherpa™ spent years finding the most powerful, natural ingredients, to remove that brush destroying paint. She consulted:

  • acrylic paint makers and chemists
  •  off the grid super mom bloggers
  • specialty oil importers
  • brush makers
  • natural soap makers all over the globe. 

She  searched high and low for the ingredients that would make a nontoxic, human friendly brush soap. Your Art Sherpa was looking for very specific results. She knew those Taklon filaments and blends needed a special TLC. If your brush is a magic wand then this soap is the fountain of youth you need. Cinnamon Cooney called this quest for a soap “The Journey to a Better Bubble.”  The Art Sherpa Brush Soap is here and is unlike anything you have ever tried.

  • The magic suds. 
  • The bubble blaster. 
  • The Art Sherpa Brush Spa.

The Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap has been created for the cleaning of acrylic paint out of synthetic brushes. BUT can I use this  on oil or watercolor brushes? YES it works for them too. In fact this amazing soap may just become  your favorite for you delicate hair and bristle brushes. 

soap 6.jpg

How you clean your brush is just as important as what you clean it with

Art Sherpa Spa Brush Cleaning Instructions

Materials- Art Sherpa Brush Spa Soap - paper towels - Container of swishing water- Cup of hot water (not hot enough to burn your fingers)-

  • Place cleaning supplies by the sink and lay your drying towels out next to the sink’ 
  • Remove excess thick paint that is on your brush (if you have any)  on a disposable towel. 
  • Vigorously Swish the brush in a container of water. 
  • Wet Brush in warm running water and rub across the soap. Build up the suds as you use the directional stroke method. Do this Firmly, but gently. Don’t scrub or bend the filaments of the brush .
  • Take fingers and work the soap gently through the brush 
  • Rinse and Repeat step 4 
  • Now take your clean brush and stroke firmly but gently dragging across a dry white paper towel. If you see any color, go to step 8, if not go to step 9. 
  • Run warmer water over the brush, rewetting it,  go over the surface of your soap using the soft circle method. If you are using the power scrub tub with loofah, be extra careful. 
  • Take your cup of very hot, but safe for fingers, water and dip brush in for 10-20 seconds. Finger shape your brush 
  • Lay brush flat on paper towel. Come back in and hour to check the brush ( if you see any color repeat the cleaning steps) 
  • Allow brushes to dry before placing in your brush cup. 


Things you need to know but may not about Brush care 

  • NEVER use solvents on synthetic filaments, it can melt the brush. 
  • DON’T use Acetone on your brush even for dry paint 
  • Don’t leave a brush sitting in water. 
  • Don’t dry a brush in any  vertical position, always lay flat. 
  • Rubbing alcohol removes dry paint and is brush safe. 
  • Certain pigments stain. Here are just a couple common ones:  phthalo blue and dioxazine purple. Staining is normal and does not hurt your brush. It is the  dry acrylic polymer emulsion that damages the brush 

  1. All hog bristle brushes must be washed before you paint with them to remove loose bristles. Small shedding of a Couple bristles is normal. A full hair storm is not. 
  2.  Never throw out ruined fluffy brushes. They make the best cloud, bush and special textures. They are a treasure. Keep lost brushes in their own jar. Give them fun new names like “ Sir Cloudinator” or “ Mr Magic Scumble” 


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Chad Crow
07/24/20 02:33:05PM @wedge:
Wise you would be to use this soap.