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Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday

Wednesday January 13 2021, 7:00 PM
@ The Art Sherpa Fan Page, Facebook
Attendees:  @Colleen.Marie56@@the nanny@cody barry@KGP@@Mystlib@Kristine Schulz@@@artwench@@Louisa

How to Watercolor White Lily and Butterfly

How to paint a White Lily and Butterfly this is a Free Weekly+ watercolor live stream virtual art class @ 7 pm est. Just watch from my Facebook page. Bring any water colors you have. Any skill level is welcome everything will be explained step-by-step so that beginners can enjoy painting with us. Let’s relax and chill out.

Sennelier L'Aquarelle French Watercolor Paint
-Lemon Yellow (501)
-French Vermilion (675)
-Alizarin Crimson (689)
-Carmine (635)
-Dioxazine Purple (917)
-Ultramarine Deep (315)
-Phthalocyanine Blue (326)
-Forest Green (899)
-Phthalo Green Light (805)
-Burnt Sienna (211)
-Payne's Grey (703)
-Warm Sepia (440)
The colors evoke the beauty and vibrancy of Southern France
9x12 140lb cold press Fabriano Watercolor paper
One Watercolor Round Size #8

You can Watch from Facebook here

Free draw or No draw option use the traceable -

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01/13/21 07:49:42PM @louisa:
Watercolor Color Wednesday is pure genius. I sat down at my table, not sure I would be able to finish. Scrambled around for traceable and reference photo, impatiently waited for the Live to start, and grumbled about stupid trolls and bots. Then the show started. I was relieved to be in the right place. There was warmth, levity and joviality. Slowly I relaxed into the process. Encouraged by TAS in real time. What a soothing balm on a midweek night. Thank you Cinnamon and John. What a gift it is you are sharing so freely
20210113_203126.jpg  •  5.8MB

01/14/21 06:56:16AM @cinnamon-cooney:
Thank you for sharing this and even more sharing it here with your finished painting I loved seeing this!! So so glad you had fun got to relax and your painting is lovely