• Tiny Secret Whispers Paint from Home Step By Step

    Tiny Secret Whispers Fan Art  Paint from Home Step By Step for Beginners 

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    Now you can show your love for the best drama on TV with this step by step paint along.  this is a secret tiny Whispers Fan art event. You can paint at home for free. This class has all the extra’s every beginner could want!

    Secret Tiny Whispers or Tiny Secret Whispers. The Butternut fan page lists this as Tiny Secret Whispers so as far as we are concerned that is the correct title. There is a lot there for fans you should check it out. 

    A step by step guide

    Free Video 

    Step by step infographic 

    Materials listed out. 

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    Paint Color & Mixing Legend: 

    • Cad Red Medium = CRM
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium = CYM
    • Phthalo Blue = PB
    • Phthalo Green = PG
    • Burnt Sienna = BS
    • Mars Black = MB
    • Titanium White = TW


    The Art Sherpa =TAS 

    • 1” Cutter Chunking Hog Brush
    • # 24 (Raphael) Bright 
    • #8 TAS Cats Tongue  
    • #4 TAS Round 
    • #1 TAS Detail Brush
    • Sponge 
    • Cretacolor Pastel White Pencil or Chalk or Chalk Pencil
    • Artist Tape (optional)
    • StaWet Palette (optional)
    • 16 x 20 Canvas 

    Techniques you will use in this painting are: 

    • Fan Art
    • Mixing skin tones.
    • How to block in. 
    • Being painterly and loose. 
    • Painting fabric.
    • Achieving good value. 
    • Implying flowers.
    • Expressive painting strokes. 
    • Sponging. 
    • BOCA
    • Avoiding Spoilers.

    Sherpa’s Notes:

    You are an artist, not a copy machine. YES, you are.  A key to success is not to rush. Follow the steps, breath and be relaxed with yourself. I will demonstrate a concept in a step and you should duplicate that concept before moving to the step. At the end of all of the steps, we will both have beautiful paintings, though they will not be identical.  I truly believe that everyone can learn to paint but that some art skills take time to master.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to be a beginner.  Your time of being “new” is shorter than you think, so enjoy the discovery process. Don't waste time beating yourself up over mistakes. Be present and mindful of your successes. Pay attention to the elements of painting that are fun and unexpected. Remember that the steps in this booklet match the steps in the video. These are set up to go together so you can quickly refer to the video demonstration and the book together. It  Is my deep belief that the marriage of these two teaching methods will result in a higher enjoyment rate for you, my community student.

    Included with this step by step illustration are technique references at the end so that if you do not understand a technique I am referencing, you can refer to it.  You can also always go back and review the recorded tutorial in the video library on my website.

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