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Step By Step

Easy Paint along of the Girl in a red dress through the Keyhole Scene from the opening credits of Secret Tiny Whispers 🤫 . This is a Beginner Acrylic painting step by step lesson for new artists Fully guided YOU CAN PAINT THIS with The Art Sherpa ‍ Hoots :

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This class is for : students looking for fun real step by step art instruction that explains all the tools, techniques and color mix’s needed to painting in terms a beginner can really understand. This is For fans of the show and for new artists that love surreal romantic art. I will be covering how to : Sponge rust and clouds. Paint a Girl from behind

Step by Step mini Book 

TinySecretWhispers_MiniBook.pdf Tiny Secret Whispers Fan Art Mini Book
TinySecretWhispers_MiniBook.pdf, 26.1MB


Tiny Secret Wispers .png

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Tiny Secret Whispers Fan Art Stuff 

Created by  The Art Sherpa

If you love the show then you know. This is fan art by fans for fans. By The Art Sherpa

✏️ Mini book, traceable, resources :


00:00     Intro

02:25     Step 1   Blocking in Keyhole

11:54     Step 2   Rusty Layers for Patina

28:01     Step 3   Define Keyhole and Patina

36:35     Step 4   Sky and Clouds

43 36     Step 5   Transfer Image

48:35     Step 6   Underpainting of the Girl

59:37     Step 7   Define Skin, Arms and Hair

1:06:10  Step 8   Red Highlights and Shadows

1:16:18  Step 9   Birds and Strings 

126:24   SIGN

tiny secret Whispers Traceable .jpg

Below are a list of RECOMMENDED MATERIALS. The Art Sherpa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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#1 TAS Detail Brush

Sponge Cretacolor Pastel White Pencil or Chalk or Chalk Pencil Artist Tape (optional)

StaWet Palette (optional) 


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Brushes - Brushes: Please use these as a guide of what I am planning to use. These are brushes I use very often. You do not need to have the exact brand of brushes that I use.

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