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Alan Smith
@alan-smith • 8 years ago

IMG_2826.JPG I was excited to spend the day Plein Air painting for the first time! I visited Giuffrida Park in Meriden, CT. I was able to park only a few feet from my gear so I did not need to lug everything very far. The entire time I kept saying WWCD (What Would Cinnamon Do?). I started by drawing what I saw using watercolor pencils. Then I roughed in the paint colors. Finally I worked from the back to the front layering in the painting. As I look at the painting I notice that I need to break up the orange along the top of the mountain, fix the shading of the rocks, put reflections of the trees in the water, I'm not totally pleased with the water color, etc. Had I been home in my studio the painting may have had better detail and I may have fixed a few things, but this was my first time in "The Wild". I couldĀ sit down with the painting this weekend but I kind of feel like that would be cheating the process. I think the painting stands alone as a testament to what I was able to achieve (thanks to all of Cinnamon's instruction) on my first go around with Plein Air painting and if I wanted a studio quality work, I would have painted in the studio. I would really appreciate suggestions from my fellow 'Sherpettes' so I can improve on my next go around.IMG_2827.JPG