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@onecentmommy • 3 years ago
I want to thank you so much. I found a bit of creativity I didn’t know I had. So what if I have to rewind( a lot!), but that’s the wonderful thing I take 4 times as long as most people, am learning to not overthink, take a step back when I think it’s a hopeless mess, and most of all, the process gives me so much joy and some semblance of peace. Those moments of sheer joy are rare lately and I’m grateful that you are a step by step, patient, and all around good and optimistic person. Your designs can emote a plethora of feelings, both with your outlook as well as your instructions. I am not one who can just paint or draw from an image in my head or from an actual image, so your step by step technique of teaching is just what I need. Thank you so much.