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@snowkat • 3 years ago

I fell in love with painting after being invited to a Paint Night event with friends. I had a blast. I went to a second Paint Night without any friends, and I still had a blast. I was hooked. I went out and bought some art stuff and followed an Art Sherpa tutorial from YouTube, and the rest is history. At 50 I became a painter. All my other hobbies, except feeding my hubby, have been pushed to the side for the last couple years. And lets be honest, if the hubby didn't seek me out to beg for sustenance, he would be forgotten about too. lol
I am now about to turn 53. I am still a very rank beginner at painting, but I have learned to only compare myself with myself. I get better and learn more with every painting. Painting has healed some things that no other art form has for me. And I love to share my joy in painting with anyone who wants to.