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London is Calling

user image 2017-02-14
By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
London is Calling

I have been wanting to paint this story for a long time. A lone man walks a set of tracks in a storm on a journey to unknown parts. I expect to add lightning to the painting and love showing some new methods 

This will be 3 hoot painting~


man in the rain .jpg

02/14/17 12:25:21PM @april:
I hate that I will miss the LIVE because it has been so long since Ive been at one and I'll also hate that Im not on a 3 HOOT level, therefor not being able to paint this :( Cinnamon you have truly out done yourself sweetie! This painting is phenomenal and we get to see what an incredible artist you are! Thank you!