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Wizards and Artists make all the Muggles Nervous

user image 2017-02-18
By: TheArtSherpa
Posted in: Painting Party From Home
Wizards and Artists make all the Muggles Nervous

When I tell people I am an artist they look at me as if I said I am a Wizard for a career path. In fact for years I dropped artist and said stay at home mom. Which still was received with more acceptance and respect than Artist. But I am out of the game closet and wearing my paint and smock proudly. Yes I am an Artist. My imagination is what I will be using to pay my light bill this month and no I will not be imagining the lights on. It is interesting how what you do and who you are can affect people. After all its not like I drug them out of their job and asked them to also be an Artist with me. We are not a cult we are a Culture! In fact artist, writers,chefs, and Musicians are what give us any sense of culture. In creation we are part of the divine and are therefore a little magical...scary. Perhaps our bare open honestly in the face of social convention is just to daring. Either way I am only daring to be myself.

04/11/17 04:32:53AM @daisywiley:
Well said thank you
03/16/17 11:57:04AM @paintyourlight:
You inspire me more and more!
02/23/17 11:54:54PM @legendarylarry:
We love you and all you do
02/23/17 02:01:31PM @patsyjoe1:
I just happen to stumble up on one of your utube's and I loved it.

02/21/17 12:10:37PM @april:
That is so awesome Cinnamon! We love, celebrate, and enjoy your imagination! Without that we wouldn't be able to find our imagination and bring them forward. You keep being you because honestly that is the best person you can be! Rock on CHICA!!! Nothing but love from this stay at home mom trying to find her inner artist and imagination!