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You ARE AMAZING , Bogs Videos - Jack and Sally

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By: TheArtSherpa
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You ARE AMAZING , Bogs Videos - Jack and Sally


So everyday you write me letters and say thank you. You share you stories and art with me. I see Video and Blogs. Every time I think you are amazing. You make it easy to work this hard. This Blog is about some of your Awesome 

WE have a video montage of some viewer art From Jack And Sally painting Video 

Did you also know I see your Tribute Video's? I do and it is so so much fun. thank you Youtubers 

Have you seen Timothy Charles? He has a very handy how to Channel that does Wood Working. He also does paint nite date nights with his wife. 

Halloweenville is one of our own! Joshua is a delight for our community but he also is a fun Youtuber. I love his projects and positivity. 

We also have Bloggers who share their Art journey wth the World. THANK YOU so much 

Drawing and painting with Maria

Stephanie B Creative Designs

My Artist Journey  

Stephanie Sigrist
11/11/16 12:26:19PM @stephanie-sigrist:

You are a life changer! Seriously!  Thank you so much for your precious time Cinnamon, your tutorials are helping me through the darkest of times and I've been so inspired by you that I'm blogging about your tutorials too!

You rock <3 x

11/01/16 11:38:29AM @lpearsonart:

Thanks, Cinnamon for all the extra information. You give all of us so much and I appreciate everything you and John do for us. You have refreshed my thinking and given me more hope that there are kind and gentle and sharing people in this world. Thank you.