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Watercolor Wednesday

Watercolor Wednesday

Wednesday June 24 2020, 7:00 PM
@ The Art Sherpa Fan Page, Facebook
Attendees:  @Colleen.Marie56@IsabellaV@@PenelopeB@Susan Armstrong@QueenofHearts@@Mfletcher@@djbeasley@Bubile@annie florentin@pugmom98

WaterColor Wednesday Cute Bunny

Watercolor Wednesday Learn how to paint with watercolor step by step fully explained for beginners and new artist with The Art Sherpa. This is few colors and Easy techniques.

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Easy Love Birds on a Branch Sunset Acrylic Painting Tutorial | TheArtSherpa

06/24/20 01:29:41PM @mfletcher:
Hi, me again :) Is there any way you could have the traceable available before 4:30 EST today. I will need to print it off before I leave for work at 4:30. I used the traceable you had for the Bee painting last week and it was a tremendous help.
06/24/20 09:15:31AM @mfletcher:
Hey there :) Just checking on you. Hope you are ok. Getting just a little worried since you haven't responded to any questions on the post for today's Watercolor. My name is Marilee Fletcher and me and 2 other people are wanting to do this tonight. If you are still going to do it, is there a traceable for the rabbit? Again, am getting worried about you and hope you are ok.
Susan Armstrong
06/21/20 07:29:15PM @susan-armstrong:
Is there a supply list for this class? This is my first ever watercolor class.