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Acrylic April 2021 Day 2 Reflections

04/03/21 07:31:27AM @vjsimpson56:
I am finding I get in my head way to much. Comparing myself to everyone else. Any suggestions, day 2 was so bad I had to stop, however I will finish up this morning before day 3 tutorial. How many people use other brushes to get the right affect if need be? Also I am having so much trouble with mixing colors so that they resemble the tutorial. Just a basket case in painter clothes, lol
04/04/21 04:26:32PM @slevar:
I do use different brushes sometimes... depends on my goal. Last year I spent time watching shorter tutorials also to learn the basics. For brushes, there is a great video tutorial for clouds, and another for trees, mixing colors, etc. Those are helpful for more on the different steps. My success last year came from focus on only one technique at a time. Last year for me it was blending and backgrounds, then trees. This year is clouds (I really don't like my clouds, but hope by end of April they will be improved) Good Luck!