How to paint a baby tiger watercolor facebook class
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Free Watercolor class live stream lets paint a Cute baby Tiger #withme. Bring any watercolors you have. I will show you how to paint this step by step.  

davinci watercolors 

Split primary palette use the colors you have -#8 Voyage Black velvet watercolor brush 

Titanate Yellow 

Hansa yellow 

Davinci orange 

Davinci red 


Dav violet 

Ultramarine blue 

Phthalo turquoise 

Phthalo Green 

Perylene Green 

Yellow Ochre 

Quin Burnt ornage 

Burnt sienna 

Payes Grey 


03/30/20 06:26:15AM @schallerapril:
Thank you so so much that means a ton to read
It’s so true u have no idea how valuable u are to people out in this world. Thanks

03/28/20 07:33:40AM @schallerapril:
U are what I call my/ peoples “Lil Ray of Sunshine” ☀️ and it can’t b easy for u either going threw this hard time I’m in Wisconsin. But I want to say thank u for take if ur heart and soul and make it peoples lives a little brighter❣️
03/29/20 07:59:33AM @cinnamon-cooney:
Thank you so so much that means a ton to read
03/28/20 07:05:26AM @schallerapril:
I would pet a baby tiger 🐯 so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️