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Thank you for Helping us. Art Sherpa Crowdfunder Update 1 day to go
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The Art Sherpa was born out of the love for teaching art with a mission to bring free art education to anyone around the world. You are our art tribe. Because of the support and loyalty of you our community, we have been able to teach hundreds of thousands of people to paint worldwide in over 250+ countries. Together, we have learned so much over the last three years and we are ready to take that experience, and with your help, create the next generation of the Sherpa Studio to carry that mission into 2018.

We are blessed with an amazing community of viewers who follow us on YouTube. Our community support, along with patrons, and strategic partners has allowed The Art Sherpa family to thrive. But, the day-to-day expenses of studio operations does not leave much in the budget for anything else. We need your help to take the next step.

Together, we would like to build a new studio set and upgrade our production. We have big dreams to create new, interactive experiences and art adventures like you have never seen before. You have watched us push the boundaries of teaching art online. We’ve set the standard of How-To Acrylic on YouTube and now we plan to raise that bar.