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Step By Step

How I paint clouds my best techniques , my best tricks , and my favorite tools to keep my head in the clouds  Live streaming Beginner Acrylic  painting step by step lesson for new artists Fully guided YOU CAN PAINT THIS with The Art Sherpa 🎨 👩‍🎤 Hoots : 🦉

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02:05     The Cloud is in YOU not the Brush

05:30     Synthetic, Hog, or Goat?

07:05     Pros and Cons, Synthetics

08:10     Pros and Cons, Hog Bristles

09:21     Pros and Cons, Goat Bristles

10:32     Quality vs Qualities 

12:30     What are MY FAVORITES?

13:14     Soft Blenders

14:15     Hog Brushes

16:21     Cat's Tongue, Pointed Filberts

16:52     Brights and a Round

17:42     Detail Brush

18:30     The Red Art Sherpa “Cloud Brush”

21:35     Fingers and Sponges

23:08      Where to Buy Brushes

30:02     Clouds are Almost Never White

32:27     Finding the Light Source

37:57     Getting Perspective

46:56     Circle, Circle vs Comma, Comma

50:00     Techniques

53:00     Wet on Wet, Blending and Dry Brush

58:30     Wispy Clouds Demo with “Domed Scrumbler”

1:00:24  Silver Lining

1:03:40  Materials and Mediums that Help

DownLoad the MiniGuide to help you understand the concepts - click below 

How I Paint Clouds Tutorial YT 3-11.pdf How I paint clouds my Tips and techniques mini guide
How I Paint Clouds Tutorial YT 3-11.pdf, 34.5MB

How I Paint Clouds Tutorial YT 3-11.jpg

The video will be broken down into the following topics. This video is perfect if you have clou questions and are not finding those answers on youtube. Video will cover  What you need to know about The brushes  Hog, Goat or Synthetic?  Hog pros and Cons  Goat Pros and Cons  Synthetic Pros and Cons  My favorite Cloud brushes Hog Bright  Hog Round  TAS Cats Tongue  TAS Round  Oval Mop  Round Blender  Liner  Sponge  Finger  My Art Sherpa Cloud brushes   

The techniques  Clouds are almost never white  Where is the light  Keep it in perspective  Random painting method  Under pressure - how much is too much?  Wet into  Wet  Dry brush  Stoke curve not Swirl  Up flow  Wispy tail clouds  Dont forget Silver lining 

The mediums  Fluid White paint  Glazing medium  Water  🌤🌦🌧⛈ My how to paint Clouds playlist :

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How I paint Clouds Step by step my best techniques | TheArtSherpa

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