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This is everything a beginner needs to know about Canvas and painting surfaces for Acrylic   but no body tells you! Whats good and bad about all of them.  How to paint on paper. What you need to know when you start out What you should choose. What a new artists needs to know about acrylic surfaces  before they buy it 

This is part 5 of Novice November the Beginner Acrylic Painting Course with The Art Sherpa. This beginners Art Course  course is a free complete guide on everything beginners need to know about acrylic painting for the first time. 

00:00     Intro

01:53     Step 1   Meat Of The Canvas A.K.A Beginner Surfaces

05:40     Step 2   Into The Details Canvas

11:33     Step 3   Parts Of A Canvas

14:11     Step 4   Paper

15:35     Step 5   Paper Prep Demo

36:37     Step 6   Common Surface Problems

42:42     Step 7   Repainting Surfaces

46:53     Step 8   Repair A Tear In A Canvas

48:08     Step 9   Online VS Instore

MINIBOOKS: ✏️  📖  Mini  books :

🌎 Webpage - Get the complete course organized together: 

You can Watch The full Course in this order ANY TIME 

INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course Oct 30 th 1 pm edt 

Class Course Syllabus

Oct 30 1:00 PM EDT - INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course  

Nov 2  1:00 PM EDT - Setting Up Your Acrylic Art Studio 

Nov 4  1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Paint, The Basics  

Nov 6  1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Brushes For Beginners 

Nov 7  1:00 PM EDT - Painting Surfaces For Beginners 

Nov 9  1:00 PM EDT - Introduction to Acrylic Techniques For Beginners 

Nov 11 1:00 PM EDT - Brush Stroke and Core Painting Skills  

Nov 13 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction To Beginners Primary Color Mixing 

Nov 14 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY 

Nov 15 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 16 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY 

Nov 17 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY 

Nov 18 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY 

Nov 19 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 20 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 21 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 22 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 23 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY

Nov 27 1:00 PM EDT - “YOU DID IT” Celebration Party 

Full Youtube  Playlist in order

Introduction to video

Introduction to video

 include reference back to beginner course

Talk about 9 x 12 surface 

I am using canvas 

  • Canvas vs boards vs paper 
    • Canvas 
      • Traditional 
      • Easy to frame and hang 
      • Has a lovely spring 
    • Boards 
      • Cheep to ampersand 
      • Easy to frame 
      • Easy to make at home 
      • Particle to boards 
    • Paper 

  • Easy to use 
  • Frames like watercolor must be matted 
  • Does techniques not normal for canvas like multimedia 
  • In journals you will finish with dorlands wax medium 
  • Cheep 

  • Good canvas vs Cheap canvas

  • Finished vs Unfnished 
    • Finished 
      • Hard to conntrol quality and can cost more
      • Readily available 
      • Most is for paint acrylic 
      • Comes in white and color 
        • Some is for especially media like oil or technique so read a package 
    • Unfinished 
      • Lots of tools 
  • Parts of a canvas\
    • The material and Drum and painting surface 
    • Stretchers 
    • Folds 
    • Staples 
    • Keys 
  • Do I need to gesso my canvas ?
  • Painting on paper
    • Acrylic paper vs watercolor paper vs canvas paper 
    • How to prep paper for painting 
    • Painting on Watercolor paper in watercolor style 
  • How to fix saggy canvas
    • Mist the back and allow to dry 
    • Use the Canvas Keys 
  • How to Fix Warped canvas  board 
    • Paint the back 
    • Mist the back and press like a flower with the art protected 
    • Affix to a flat board to counter the warp 
  • How to fix it not taking paint 
    • Flash rinse the Front by brushing on a wash or two of water and letting dry 
    • Pre Paint with acrylic white 
    • Prep with Gesso 
  • How to paint over a used canvas
    • Gesso 
    • Paint 
    • Sanding caution  
    • Not oil 
  • Repair canvas 
    • GESSO 
    • MASK 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is it for ?

    • Acrylic Painters of All Ages and Levels
    • Homeschool Moms
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to paint in acrylic.
    • Anyone who wants to learn more about painting acrylic basics.

  • How much does it cost?

    • The classes and downloadable Resources are free. The materials are purchased by the student for the class

  • How do I sign up?

material list in Video beginner acrylic course .jpg


Buyers tip. I am using the Primary Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint - there are other primary sets out their and many painting companies will give you the courtesy of having at least 3 paints they call primaries in their paint line - You can use differently then myself but it will mean there are slight differences in our color mixes. So dont miss the color mixing class!! I have been painting online for a while I know what to do about these challenges. 

download-2.jpg I am using the Primary Set of Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint
download1.jpg images1.jpg download.jpg images.jpg


  • Primary Red
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Blue
  • Mars Black
  • Titanium White



angle brush measurment .jpg fan brush Size .jpg round brush .jpg bright measurments .jpg

Materials & Tools:

  • 10 9” x 12” Surfaces for Painting (I will use canvas)
  • Heavy Paper for Printing Worksheets (We may have printed packs for sale.)
    • You can do them digitally.
  • T- Square Ruler
  • Chalk or Dritz Chalk Tool
  • Pencil - HB is fine
  • Cup for paint water
  • Disposable Palette for paint
  • Scratch paper or art journal for practice


  • Fan Brush
  • Round Brush
  • Angle Brush ½”
  • 1” Bright Brush