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Mason JAR Flowers with yellow butterfly EASY Beginner  Acrylic Painting STEP BY STEP   Course is brought to you by The Art Sherpa ‍ You can join our Live stream chats daily to connect with other painters just like you. This class is just primary colors and a 9x12 surface 

Full Youtube  Playlist in order



Primary Yellow  

Primary Blue  

❤️ Primary Red 

☁️  Titanium white:   

Mars black: PBk 





Palette for paint 

Cups of water 

Towels for cleanup 

Chalk or Dritz Chalk tool 

T Square Ruler 




Bright Brush 

Round brush 


Bright brush with a brush head 1” in width 

MINIBOOKS: ✏️  📖  Mini  books :


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  • What is the course ?
    • A complete beginners course in acrylic painting for people who have never painted before
  • What you will learn
    • Everything first time painters really need to know but did not even know how to ask.
    • How to set up your first basic home studio
    • What acrylic paint is and how it works
    • What you should know about canvas and brushes
    • Terms and techniques to begin and succeed at your first paintings
    • How to fix mistakes
    • How to mix basic colors
    • The basic first things beginners need to be able to paint
    • You will understand the basic art terms for acrylic painting
    • You will complete 10 full paintings and gain enough skills to feel good about painting in general and move on to more complicated ideas

    • This is part of  a complete painting program designed to take you from never having painted before to creating art that you can be proud of. The course is completely free and teaches you the basics so that you will paint with success and confidence from your home based studio, regardless of whether it’s the kitchen table or a fully decked out art studio.

      Classes start November 2, 2021, and will take place on both YouTube and Facebooks on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sundays, at 1 pm EDT until November 30, 2021. Every class will be at the easiest beginner level with a focus of helping first time artists. Not only will you learn the beginner basics about acrylic, but it is my goal that by the end of the course, you will have the fundamental set of skills you can build on and, at the same time, unlock your creative potential. Classes will be pre recorded live streams to help us schedule and to allow me to be present in chat during all classes to answer your questions.

      The course consists of an introduction and 17 classes which will introduce concepts and skills needed for first time acrylic painters of all ages. Extra resources will be provided from the The Art Sherpa website,

      Although students must provide their own art materials, I designed the series using the minimal basic art supplies for acrylic painting.

      If you have really wanted to begin painting but did now know where to start, this course is perfect for you. Perhaps you have been painting for a while but never really got the opportunity to learn the basics. This is still the course for you.

Beginner Acrylic Painting Course Syllabus

  1. Oct 30 1:00 PM EDT - INTRODUCTION to Beginner Acrylic Painting Course
  2. Nov 2 1:00 PM EDT - Setting Up Your Acrylic Art Studio
  3. Nov 4 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Paint, The Basics
  4. Nov 6 1:00 PM EDT - Acrylic Brushes For Beginners
  5. Nov 7 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Surfaces For Beginners
  6. Nov 9 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction to Acrylic Techniques For Beginners
  7. Nov 11 1:00 PM EDT - Brush Stroke and Core Painting Skills
  8. Nov 13 1:00 PM EDT - Introduction To Beginners Primary Color Mixing
  9. Nov 14 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  10. Nov 15 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  11. Nov 16 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  12. Nov 17 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  13. Nov 18 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  14. Nov 19 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  15. Nov 20 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  16. Nov 21 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  17. Nov 22 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  18. Nov 23 1:00 PM EDT - Painting Step By Step EASY
  19. Nov 27 1:00 PM EDT - “YOU DID IT” Celebration Party

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Buyers tip. I am using the Primary Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint - there are other primary sets out their and many painting companies will give you the courtesy of having at least 3 paints they call primaries in their paint line - You can use differently then myself but it will mean there are slight differences in our color mixes. So dont miss the color mixing class!! I have been painting online for a while I know what to do about these challenges. 

download-2.jpg I am using the Primary Set of Abstract by Sennelier  Set of paint
download1.jpg images1.jpg download.jpg images.jpg


  • Primary Red
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Blue
  • Mars Black
  • Titanium White



angle brush measurment .jpg fan brush Size .jpg round brush .jpg bright measurments .jpg

Materials & Tools:

  • 10 9” x 12” Surfaces for Painting (I will use canvas)
  • Heavy Paper for Printing Worksheets (We may have printed packs for sale.)
    • You can do them digitally.
  • T- Square Ruler
  • Chalk or Dritz Chalk Tool
  • Pencil - HB is fine
  • Cup for paint water
  • Disposable Palette for paint
  • Scratch paper or art journal for practice


  • Fan Brush
  • Round Brush
  • Angle Brush ½”
  • 1” Bright Brush

07/09/24 12:38:39PM @pahepler:
#3 Beginners Acrylic Painting course. I loved this one!
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12/07/23 07:32:25PM @lindar1207:
Flowers are still giving me a issue. Love this course
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03/02/23 09:34:09AM @vs08tor:
Painting 3, this took a couple of days as I got a bit frustrated with myself, overall I'm really pleased and family said it looks good. Thanks Sherpa for thus course.
20230225_101146.jpg  •  3.2MB