Sunset Light in a Mountain Stream Landscape  How to paint acrylics : Paint Night at Home
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Painting a Mountain Stream with Glowing Sunset Light 🌟🎨 Easy Acrylic painting tutorial for beginners. #AcrylicPainting #TheArtSherpa #Painting #PaintNight course for those who want to learn how to paint better. It's all 100% real-time, multi-camera angles, and fully explained.  YOU CAN PAINT THIS !! The Art Sherpa brings you all your art lessons. You can connect with other painters like you through our Live Stream Chats every video.. 

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Learn to paint this in 1 2 3 steps

#1 Watch the Time-lapse 

STEP 1 Watch the time lapse 

Jan 12th 1 pm EDT 

The first part of the lesson involves watching a time-lapse of the painting process, to give you a sense of how the painting was created. A  time-lapse video of the painting process can be very beneficial for students as it allows them to see the progression of the painting and understand the steps involved in creating it. By watching the time-lapse, students can get a sense of the techniques used, the order of the layers, and the overall flow of the painting process. This can be especially helpful when they are working on their own paintings and need a reference to keep in mind the steps and progression.Additionally, the time-lapse can be accompanied by relaxing music, which can help students get in the right mindset for painting. It can be a great way to get in a meditative state and forget about the distractions of everyday life, allowing them to focus on their painting.

STEP 2 Prep your Value study 

Dont Draw You can use the Traceable to start!! 

The second part is the Grisaille itself, which takes about an hour to complete. Finally, the third part is the full lesson where we pull everything together and create a beautiful landscape.Moreover, the Grisaille technique is a great way to establish values in painting, it is a monochrome underpainting technique using shades of gray, this will help student to understand how the light and shadow works in the painting and how to use it to create the mood and feeling in their painting.

A Grisaille  underpainting is a monochromatic version of a painting that is done before the final color layer. Inspired by a flemish oil technique we can get inspired as acrylic painters. When painting a landscape with acrylics, one method we can use for the underpainting is called a grisaille. This is when we paint the landscape using only shades of brown or sepia, which helps us create solid, realistic shapes. It's especially useful when we're using transparent colors in our painting, because these can make the landscape look flat if we don't paint the 3D shapes first.

The grisaille is also a good way to practice for the final painting. By spending time studying and becoming familiar with the landscape, we can get a better understanding of it. This can help us make our final painting more detailed and accurate.


One potential downside of the grisaille is that it can make the final painting less vibrant. This is because the grisaille is made up of mostly brown or sepia, which creates neutral shades. If we apply the final layer of color thinly, some of this brown or sepia can show through and make the painting look dull. To avoid this, we can mix small amounts of color into the brown or sepia to make it warmer or cooler


Think of a grisaille as a dress rehearsal or road map for the final work. 

Using a grisaille as an underpainting can be a helpful technique for beginning acrylic painters because it allows them to focus on the values (how light or dark something is) without the added complexity of color. This can be especially useful for those who are still learning to mix colors and judge their values accurately. By painting the landscape in shades of brown or sepia, beginners can practice creating solid, 3D shapes and get a better understanding of the subject before adding the final layer of color.

STEP 3 the full lesson

Finally, the full lesson will pull everything together and help the students to create a beautiful landscape, by learning how to create realistic rocks and water effects, such as how light reflects on water and how rocks look underneath the water, these are key elements that can make a big difference in the final outcome of the painting.

Overall, this three-part lesson offers students a unique and comprehensive learning experience that will help them improve their painting skills and create beautiful landscapes.

This painting is of a mountain stream with a sunset reflected in the water. We will be working on creating rocks and values, as well as learning about creating water effects such as how light reflects on water and how rocks look underneath the water.

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