ACRYLIC APRIL 2023 Lets Get Ready to PAINT. How to prep for the 30 day painting challenge
ACRYLIC APRIL 2023 Lets Get Ready to PAINT. How to prep for the 30 day painting challenge
What the theme is , what materials you need and an open Q and A for all your Acrylic April 2023 questions

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OPENING SAT March 18th 2023
*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***
🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨
πŸ’› Cadmium Yellow Medium
πŸ’› Lemon Yellow Hansa
❀️ Cadmium Red medium
❀️ Quinacridone Magenta
πŸ’™ Phthalo Blue Green shade
πŸ’™ Ultramarine blue
πŸ’š Phthalo Green Blue shade
πŸ’œ Dioxazine Purple
πŸ’© Burnt Sienna
☁️ Titanium white
πŸ–€ Mars black


Sta-wet palette on show
Dritz chalk tool
T Square Ruler
Golden Glazing Liquid For Blending
Artist Tape

Brushes -
Please use these brushes as a guide for what I intend to use. These are brushes I use a lot. It is not necessary to have the exact brand of brushes that I use. The brands are D'Artigny Raphael brush, Simply Simmons Extra Firm, Princeton Catalyst and Select - When a brush is called a Hog Brush, it means it uses natural Hog Bristles
liner posca pen white and black 3mm
Artist Palette Knives will be used this year.
Synthetic Oval Mop 1”
Sythetic Filbert Small
Liner Brush #1 or #2
Synthetic Angle ΒΌ Β½ 1”
Sythetic Round #10
Hog Round #20 #4
Artist Knife Diamond Head
Artist Knife Trowl

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03/18/23 07:03:14AM @kidneygirlx3:
Will all traceables be available so can they can be printed out ahead of time?