Mother Earth Fantasy Easy Painting in acrylic 🖌🌏🌍🎨
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Create this Mother Earth Beginners learn to paint full acrylic art lesson. You can paint this! 2 hoot


Below are a list of Recommended materials. This includes Amazon Affiliate program, and you support The Art Sherpa when using them. These are linked here to make thing easy and convenient for you. full disclosure here

Color palette mother earth .jpg

*** Acrylic Paint Colors ***

Burnt Sienna:

Cadmium Yellow, Medium Shade: Dioxazine Purple:

Phthalo Blue (Green Shade):

Phthalo Green (Blue Shade): Quinacridone Magenta:

Mars Black:

Titanium White:

Drawing the earth mother step-by-step is pretty simple. She's a lot of circles. Below are the steps to hand draw the earth mother in. 

Step 1 : Place your basic outline of shapes loosely on the canvas. Oval for the head should be vertically divided on her center axis. Horizontally divide her face in half for her eyes. In half again from the eyes to the chin for her nose. In half again from her nose to her chin to place the mouth. 


Step 2. Begin to refine her features in the nose eyes and mouth.

earthmotherdraw 2 .jpg

earthmotherdraw hand.jpg

earthmotherdraw nose.jpg


Step 3. Refine the lines and details 

earth mother 3.jpg

Sometimes as an artist you just realize you need to change things UP. Yes I realize it's January and I said it was spring but in Texas it feels like spring to me right now and so I just felt she needed a bloom. There's nothing like changing direction a little bit in the project to unlock new spaces that you can explore creatively. Never be afraid of taking a little bit of a risk and with your  painting.  If you get an instinct or an idea for something you think would be good Go for It . Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't. A  painting that worked out isn't really the goal of being creative. The goal of being creative is to use your imagination and that can't be box in by results. 

Earth Mother Blooming .jpg

Finally my random Butter fooling mother nature joke lacked a little context. John said I should share where it came Remember this 


*** Assorted Brushes for Acrylic Painting ***

For Brush Care use, cleaning and for a list of Retailers that carry them GO TO the links below to find out more about them and where to buy

The Art Sherpa® Pouncers 

The Art Sherpa®
4100S Series #1 Round Short Handle
2102 #6 Bright - Sharp edges, controlled strokes
2502S #30 Bright - Crisp strokes, color control Ruby Satin®
Black Pearl™
6403 #2 Filbert - Soft rounded oval shape, longer length out for broad strokes

Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss :

9x12 Primed Smooth Artist Panel" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">: 22.86 X 30.48 cm

 More Materials These are used often in my lessons but may not be use here  New Wave Paper peel Paint Pallet :

T Square Ruler -

Saral Paper:

Arteza watercolor pencils: Chalk:

Sharpener :

Artist Tape :

Tracing Paper 9x12 :

Art storage I LOVE Art bin :

MY EASEL Best European Easel *OS3 Jack Richeson La Vara Easel, Table Top

Books :

How to Mix Skin color -

Victoria Finlay History of Color:

Have fun Live with The Art Sherpa during this BEGINNER HOW TO PAINT art lesson in acrylic art tutorial. This is an easy, fun, social art lesson for canvas. We talk about art and other fun subjects. With help and guidance, anyone can paint. You can paint!

Want to see something? Just comment! Tell me what you'd like to paint, or what you want to know about art. This is YOUR art journey. Open your heart and access your art.

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For commercial use or licensing in the painting party, social painting, or other venues; please visit our business website:

01/12/19 05:30:41PM @cinnamon-cooney:
[quote="Susan Rattliff"]
What are the differences in canvas. Linen, cotton, etc.
Linen is longer lasting and more often used in fine art portraits if the artist prefers stretched canvas over Hard artist panels. It is longer lasting and more archival. It is also more expensive and Cotton has lots going for it. I personally use cotton more and switch to ampersand panels for projects where my surface is paramount. Cotton is not difficult to stretch and linen is. Its rare to find a cotton canvas unprimed but you can find Raw linen for art practices. There are more differences in sourcing and fibers.

01/12/19 05:30:05PM @cinnamon-cooney:
I need to know WHAT BUTTER!!!
I added a link to the Ad in video and print above. Remember these ?? So funny now

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