Split Primary Color Wheel 101 Get a handle on COLOR once and for all.

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Warm red to warm yellow, Cool Red to cool yellow, Warm yellow to warm blue , cool yellow to warm blue , Cool red to Warm blue , Warm red to warm Blue

See how if you get a secret primary going that colors get neutral? 


split primary color wheel finished .jpg

Color Math 

There are 3 primaries Red Yellow and Blue

primary color definition .jpg  

The primaries make all the other colors we artists use 


There are 3 Secondary colors 

Secondary colors .jpg

They are made by mixing two primaries 

The primary and secondary colors are the Hues 

Hues .jpg

When you mix a primary with a secondary color you get a tertiary 

Tertiary Color .jpg

The color wheel is divided into cool and warm colors 

Warm and  cool Colors video .jpg

Warm colors pull forward and cool colors recede in art. 

Warm and cool Color properties .jpg

The reason you get poopy purple is pesky THOTS


A split primary wheel has 6 primaries 

Warm and  cool Colors video .jpg

Warm bias /cool bias red

warm red .jpg

cool biased Red .jpg

Warm bias /cool bias blue 

warm blue .jpg

cool blue .jpg

Warm bias /cool bias  yellow 

warm yellow .jpgcool yellow .jpg

Compliments are colors that live on  opposites side of the color wheel 

Complimentry colors .jpg

They are made of one warm color and one cool color

Color Math.jpg

This is the math of color 

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